Anti-burglar protection

Thanks to REHAU windows you will feel safe at home!

Protect your home by securing windows and doors. Intruders will quickly go away not opening the window in few seconds.

A modern window is a product of high complexity that combines numerous engineering developments, hidden behind the appearance of the profile. REHAU windows offer you optimum burglary prevention in various break-in resistance classes to choose, so you feel safe and secure.

What are resistance classes of windows and what exactly do they mean?

Windows without burglary resistance.

Windows without burglary resistance are not tested according to DIN standards. Without even basic resistance, such windows can be breaked in within 30 seconds even without using special tools.

Resistance class RC1.

This class provides basic breaking-in resistance – it is impossible to break out the window using physical force by kicking or pushing. These windows can only be secured with hardware with lock pins and special hardware that is used to protect against breaking-in with lever tools. Corner switches and keep plates protect windows and doors with basic burglary resistance from breaking-in with lever tools. These windows can resist up to 1 minute of work with a simple tool.

Resistance classes RC2 / RC 2N

Improved protection against simple tools, such as screwdrivers, clippers and drilling tools. It provides the use of a window handles with locking mechanisms. Hardware and window frames can resist additional force. Windows of resistance class RC2N have a strong interlayer  under the insulated glazing in the edge of the glass, the bead is fixed on the edges with screws. Or it is provided for gluing of glazing and the bead. Windows that meet the RC2 class offer protection similar to the RC2N class, but are fitted with a shockproof and anti-burglar safety laminated glass. These windows and doors will resist breaking-in with simple tools for three minutes.

Resistance class RC3.

This class provides improved protection against heavy tools such as crowbars. Windows of this class are fitted with a strong interlayer under the insulated glazing in the edge of the glass and in locking areas, the bead is fixed (or glued) on the edges. The window handle has a locking mechanism. In addition to the anti-burglar lock pins, the window is fitted with lock pins on the window sashes and corners. This reduces the distance between the locking points.

Windows of RC3 class can resist heavy tools for up to 5 minutes.

Resistance classes RC4 and higher.

Products that meet resistance classes RC4 and higher must resist the cutting and percussive power tools, so this class is not provided for uPVC windows.

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