REHAU windows have a special HDF surface formula.

Now windows can be easily cleaned only with water, so you will have time for much more interesting things to do. REHAU window profiles have a special smooth surface, so dirt and dust do not get absorbed into the profile surface and do not stay on it. Your windows will have a perfect shine and retain the appearance of new windows for a long time.

Due to surface of an ordinary window profile, dirt remains in its the porous structure, which is very difficult to remove

The HDF surface of the REHAU profile ensures a much smoother surface where dirt and dust are almost not retained

Care tips:

Proper airing

— Control humidity and temperature in the room.

— Create and maintain a healthy micro climate and comfortable living conditions.

— Prevent condensation and mould.

— Regularly air the room to get fresh air.

Proper cleaning

Do not use products that contain solvents or caustic substances to care for uPVC windows.

Do not use abrasive materials to avoid damaging the profile surface.

Do not use sharp and hard objects such as spatulas, wire brushes, or sponges with a rough surface when cleaning windows.

Maintenance and care

For the perfect operation of your windows, at least once a year, apply a small amount of special lubricant for locks on moving parts of the hardware.Seals can be cleaned with water and lubricated with an ordinary silicone pencil. For hardware maintenance (tightness, functionality and operation of moving parts) it is recommended to involve qualified workers of window maintance companies or companies that have produced and installed the window.

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