New SYNEGO windows are the ultimate savings plan. Compared to current conventional windows, SYNEGO ofers you up to 50% better thermal insulation.

You’ll see your heating costs go down as the value of your home rises — today, tomorrow and in the future.

The REHAU SYNEGO profile system has 7 chambers in the frame and 6 chambers in the sash for enhanced thermal insulation. 2 seals will protect you from drafts and humidity.

Technical Specification

Construction depth — 80 mm

Number of chambers — 7-chambered frame, 6-chambered sash

Number of seals — 3

Maximum pane thickness — up to 51 mm

Thermal insulation* with central seal — Uf= 1,0 W/m²K

Heat transfer resistance** with central seal— Rf = 1,0 m²K/W

Sound insulation* — up to Rw, P — up to 46 dB

Burglary prevention — up to resistance class RC3

Air permeability — class 4 as per EN 12207

Water tightness — up to class 9A to EN 12208


Maximum warmnth, minimum heating costs

Save on energy, not on your windows

Energy loss in a conventional home

Old windows are the number one cause of energy-ineciency in homes. They are poorly insulated and usually technologically outdated. The result: Expensive heating energy goes right out the window.

Thanks to the outstanding thermal insulating properties of SYNEGO, your energy consumption will start to go down from day one. Stress over heating bills and future energy price rises will become a thing of the past.

ENJOY THE SILENCE With SYNEGO, you keep the noise out

SYNEGO windows key the noise out. Feel great — no matter how loud the surrounding environment is. Studies have shown that regular exposure to trac noise results in a significantly higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Shut out the noise and relieve yourself of stress. SYNEGO gives you back the peace and quiet you need to relax.

Up to 10 times better burglary protection compared to windows without break-in protection

5 window types



Tilt and turn

Sashes & Floating Mullion


Experience creative freedom:

Experience creative freedom:

For a wide choice of customized shapes, e.g., round, half-round, triangular, rake-top, ellipsoidal windows.

In addition, extensive design variations with brilliant colors and patterns will liven up any building interior and exterior. Get creative with countless design options..

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