Traffic, street noise, loud hobby of neighbors, car alarm sound by night-time – noise is everywhere.
Recent studies have proven that regular discomfort due to noise increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.Turn your home into an oasis of peace and comfort and forget the stress caused by noise outside.

It is interesting that it is enough to increase the sound insulation by only 3-4 dB for sufficient reduce of noise level.

The outer pane of the insulated glazing takes the pressure of the sound wave and transmits it to the next glass through the air chamber. The vibration force decreases with each transmission, so the more chambers are in the insulated glazing, the better it is. Chambers of different thickness in an insulated glazing and additional filling of chambers with noble gas help to reduce the sound by several dB.

Special insulated glazing with laminated glass is the insulated glazing, in which several layers of glass are bonded together with a special film. Thanks to the difference in material structures and thickness of the glass, the vibration level is significantly reduced, and therefore noise is reduced.

An additional advantage of the laminated glass is its safety – the film holds the pieces of broken glass by a possible stroke.

Additional measures

It is important that high-quality seal and tight closing of the sash also help to reduce noise. That is why profile systems with three seals, such as REHAU SYNEGO and REHAU GENEO, have an enhanced sound insulation.

Sealing the installation seam
The correct installation of the window is also important, because the sound can get into the room not only through the window, but also through the installation seam. That is why for excellent sound insulation, all seams must be hermetically protected and do not have a single hole.

Sound test

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